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Warwick/RIPE Debate 2010

The 2010 Warwick/RIPE Debate: 'The Fall, Rise, Fall and Rise of the State within Modern Capitalism - and how to explain it'

On Tuesday March 2nd 2010 the Department of Politics and International Studies hosted the third annual Warwick/RIPE Debate in IPE in collaboration with the Review of International Political Economy. As with previous years, the debate was held in front of a sizeable audience of academic staff and graduate students, between them representing a notable proportion of the UK IPE community. The main speaker at the 2010 debate was Professor Vivien Schmidt of Boston University. She spoke on the theme of 'The Fall, Rise, Fall and Rise of the State within Modern Capitalism - and how to explain it'- drawing on, amongst other things, her recently published articles in World Politics (vol 61, no. 3), and European Political Science Review (vol. 2, no. 1).

The debate was chaired by the Head of PaIS, Professor Ben Rosamond. In addition to Professor Schmidt, this year’s Warwick/RIPE Debate also featured two other hugely influential political economy scholars, Professor Colin Hay (University of Sheffield) and Professor Colin Crouch (Warwick Business School), speaking on the same theme. The event took the form of a roundtable discussion about the state and global capitalism. The interventions and questions revolved around the recent contributions of these three pre-eminent scholars in the fields of comparative political economy and IPE. Professor Vivien Schmidt offered an impassioned and convincing plea for a 'discursive institutionalist' approach to the analysis of the state, and of capitalism. In the course of a lively and engaging series of exchanges, discussion ranged far and wide from the varieties of capitalism approach within comparative political economy to ideational and discursive approaches within IPE and beyond.

A full recording of the debate was made. It has been split into 2 parts due to the size, Part 1 is approx 60mb (1hr), Part 2 is approx 35mb (35 mins). Click the links below to open the MP3, or right click the link and select "Save Target As" to download the MP3:

Warwick RIPE Debate Part 1.

Warwick RIPE Debate Part 2.

Photographs taken at the 2010 Warwick RIPE Debate are posted below

(1) Ben Rosamond – chairing the debate

 RIPE Debate 2010 Img 1

(2) The Debate participants from Left to Right Vivien Schmidt, Colin Hay and Colin Crouch

RIPE Debate 2010 Img 2

(3) Vivien Schmidt implores us to ‘Bring the State back in (again)’

RIPE Debate 2010 Img 3

(4) Vivien Schmidt sums up her contribution

RIPE Debate 2010 Img 4

(5) Colin Hay responds

RIPE Debate 2010 Img 5

(6) Colin Hay attacks the 'Varieties of Capitalism’ approach “there’s not enough capitalism in it!”

RIPE Debate 2010 Img 6

(7) Colin Crouch lucidly observes that ‘the market is a public good’.

RIPE Debate 2010 Img 7