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Warwick/RIPE Debate 2011

The 2011 Warwick/RIPE Debate: 'Rethinking World Politics'

The 2011 debate was held on 8th March and featured Professor Philip Cerny, Emeritus Professor of Politics and Global Affairs at the University of Manchester and Rutgers University, and Professor Jan Aart Scholte of the University of Warwick. Acting as Chair was Professor Richard Higgott, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Warwick. We were especially pleased to host Prof. Cerny present at the debate given his election as Distinguished Senior Scholar for 2011 by the International Political Economy Section of the International Studies Association.

Ahead of the debate, two of PaIS' doctoral candidates interviewed the speakers about their respective research agendas. An MP3 recording of the interview can be found here: RIPE podcast (19 minutes)


Jue Wang and David Webber (left) speak to Philip Cerny and Jan Aart Scholte

In the debate itself Prof. Cerny gave a wide-ranging talk on the longue durée of world politics, discussing the formation of the nation-state and its contingent (and ongoing) transformation under conditions of globalisation. Central to his enquiry was what he termed the 'neo-pluralism' fostered by transnational actors which are bringing to bear a raison du Monde on the organisation of the multi-level political system. In his response to the talk, and drawing on his own ongoing project on 'Building Global Democracy', Prof. Scholte provided a number of talking points. These included the extent to which a neo-pluralist structure permitted agency for particular marginalised and disenfranchised groups, and how (Western) scholars might adopt a more kaleidoscopic perspective on the over-arching political order.

An audio recording of the debate is available here: 2011 Warwick RIPE Debate (1 hour 27 minutes - Cerny presentation starts at 4 mins, Scholte at 26 mins, audience Q&A at 40.30 mins)

Further details about the presenter's recent publications can be found here: Rethinking World Politics and Building Global Democracy?

Higgott - 2011 RIPE Debate

Cerny - 2011 RIPE Debate

Scholte - 201 RIPE Debate

Richard Higgott starts time on proceedings (left); Philip Cerny takes questions from the audience (centre); Jan Aart Scholte offers his reflections on Cerny's talk (right)