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2015 Annual Warwick Debate on the Future of IPE

Doing Development Differently?

Thursday 5th March, 5-6.30pm (followed by drinks reception 6.30-8pm), International Digital Laboratory (map), University of Warwick

Speakers: Carl Death (University of Manchester), Caroline Hughes (University of Bradford), Ben Selwyn (University of Sussex).

For 2015, the Warwick IPE debate took up the topic of International Development.

The year 2015 is in many ways a pivotal moment for debates in International Development. It marks the concluding date for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the focus of the international community has now turned to consider what a post-2015 development agenda will look like. 2015 also is significant in that it marks 60 years since the Bandung Conference. Bandung was a pivotal moment in the emergence of those third world political solidarities that eventually became the non-aligned movement. It focused on the needs to foster economic co-operation and to forge development strategies within the third world. So where are we now?

The speakers for this year’s IPE debate were asked to consider what it means to 'do' International Development in IPE, 60 years after Bandung and on the eve of the conclusion of the MDGs. This included questions such as, on the one hand, what role can IPE play in putting forward critical and alternative perspectives and positions that consistently challenge the way in which IPE is done by key players and donors in the development industry? Or, on the other hand, is there still analytical utility in talking about International Development as something that takes place outside of the OECD - indeed, does the study of IPE still rest upon an anachronistic North-South divide whereby the core questions and issues that we focus on are largely shaped by the experience of a handful of rich states?

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