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The impact of Brexit on the British model of capitalism


A process of political economic transition as significant as Brexit clearly has major implications for the nature and future trajectory of the British model of capitalism. How will Brexit reshape Britain’s growth model?
What approach to trade relations, economic regulation and so on will be written into Britain’s new relationship with Europe and the wider world?
The project will unearth the vision of the role and potentialities of the state within the British model of capitalism that comes to underpin the UK government’s approach to navigating the protracted Brexit negotiation and adjustment process which , studies indicate, may last for many years.
It will assess the impact of Brexit on the UK economy’s productivity and growth potential. In the process, it will assess what role the UK state can play in boosting Britain’s economic competitiveness.
The analysis will focus on how these visions for the future of British capitalism get translated into fiscal targets, and growth forecasts framing economic policy. What economic ideas and thinking underpins ways of assessing future growth, and post-Brexit views of UK economic policy possibilities.

Tue 19 Mar 2019, 17:07 | Tags: impact of Brexit, Brexit, capitalism