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Hotspot stories: A story written by an unaccompanied minor aged 17 and Dr Vicki Squire's comment on the story


Dr Vicki Squire comments on the story she supported one unaccompanied minor to write about his journey to Europe. The young man tells his story about the journey which started in Gambia and ended on a boat crossing the Mediterranean sea.

See Vicki Squire’s comment on this story HERE.

Sat 04 June 2016, 16:50

Valletta 2015: Sharing responsibility for a ‘migration crisis’?


The Valletta summit of 11-12th November 2015 was initiated by the European Council in light of an emergent ‘migration crisis’. It focuses on developing “existing cooperation processes between Europe and Africa”(i), and continues on-going efforts since 2010 toward the EU’s Global Approach to Migration and Mobility (ii). The ‘migration crisis’ says much about the failures of such an approach.

Thu 12 November 2015, 21:18

12 days in Lampedusa


View Vicki's slideshow narrative about fieldwork in Lampedusa.

The piece was also published by Learn more

Thu 12 November 2015, 21:16

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