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PhD Projects

Examples of PhD Projects

supervised by IS/IR Research Cluster staff:

  • Filip Brkovic, 'An Assessment of Possibilities for Inclusion of Upper-middle-income Economies in the Fairtrade System - Case Study Serbia' [Vicki Squire]
  • Eun-Jeong Cho, 'EURATOM: Nuclear Norm Competition from 1955 to 1957' [Chris Browning and Ben Rosamond]
  • Rogan Collins, 'The (Bio)Politics of Technology in an Age of Drone-Warfare: War, Ethics and the Values of Life'
    [Vicki Squire and Nick Vaughan-Williams]
  • Domenico Ferrara, 'Europeanization versus Russification: a test in the common "near abroad"'
    [Chris Browning and George Christou]
  • Christina Bache Fidan, 'Turkey's Private Sector: A Stabilizing Element in Northern Iraq'
    [Stuart Croft and George Christou]
  • Lewis Herrington, ‘Radicalization and British Counter-Terrorism Policy' [Richard Aldrich]
  • Allen Newton, 'Talking to Terror: the role of intelligence services and covert diplomacy to mitigate radical violence' [Richard Aldrich & Stuart Croft]
  • Hidefumi Nishiyama, 'Biometric Borders in European and East Asian Contexts' [Chris Hughes and Nick Vaughan-Williams]
  • Johanna Nykanen, ‘Identity and Turkish Foreign Policy - 'Western Narratives of Losing Turkey'
    [Chris Browning & George Christou]
  • Ciaran O'Connor, 'Dissecting Blame: Towards and Ethical Approach?' [Chris Browning & James Brassett]
  • Tanvi Pate, 'A Discourse Analysis of US Nuclear Policy Towards India' [Trevor McCrisken & Nick Vaughan-Williams]
  • Jules Robinson, 'Anglo-American Relations and Counter-Intelligence' [Richard Aldrich]
  • Rhian Sewell, 'British Military Interventions 1997–2010 and the Just War Tradition'
    [Steven Kettell & Nick Vaughan-Williams]
  • Tabish Shah, 'Why do individuals mobilize for political change? Beyond absolute measures of reasoning in collective action - a case study of Islamically-framed groups' [Nicola Pratt & Stuart Croft]
  • Zakia Shiraz,'Land, 'Security and the People: The Colombian Conflict 1948 – 2002'
    [Richard Aldrich & Trevor McCrisken]
  • Maurice Stierl, 'The Changing Nature of Borders, Migration, and Security'
    [James Brassett & Nick Vaughan-]Williams
  • Lorenzo Vianelli, 'Asylum seekers' reception practices within the Common European Asylum System' [Vicki Squire]
  • Oguzhan Yanarisik, 'The Role of Ideas, Perceptions and Emotions in Foreign Policy Change: The Turkish Case'
    [Chris Browning and George Christou]