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Below is a selection of key publications from authors within the International Relations and Security cluster at the Politics and International Studies Department.

Aldrich. RJ

GCHQ: The unsensored story of Britain's most secret intelligence agency.

aldrich.jpg Alison. MH

Women and political violence: Female combatants in ethno-national conflict.

alison.jpg Basar. B
Diasporada Türk-Kürt Sorunu. (Only available in Turkish)
browning.jpg Browning. CS

Constructivism, narrative and foreign policy analysis: A case study of Finland.

coaffee.jpg Coaffee. J
Murakami Wood. D
Rogers. P

The Everyday Resilience of the City: How Cities Respond to Terrorism and Disaster.


Croft. SJ

Securitizing Islam: Identity and the search for security.

Fagan. M

Ethics and Politics after Poststructuralism: Levinas, Derrida and Nancy.

fagan.jpg Hassan. OA

Constructing America's freedom agenda for the Middle East: Democracy or domination?

hassan.jpg Heath-Kelly. C

Politics of Violence: Military, International Politics, Killing in the Name.


hughes.jpg Hughes. CW

Japan's remilitarisation.

kettell.jpg Kettell. S

New Labour and the new world order: Britain's role in the war on terror.

moran.jpg Moran. C

Classified: Secrecy and the state in modern Britain.

Nunes. JL

Security, Emancipation and the Politics of Health: A New Theoretical Perspective.

nunes.jpg Squire. VJ

The exclusionary politics of asylum.

squire.jpg Vaughan-Williams. ND

Border politics: The limits of sovereign power.

 youngs1.jpg  Youngs. RA

The EU's role in world politics: A retreat from liberal internationalism.