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Staff Research Projects

Aldrichhughes_japans_reemergence_as_a_normal_security_power.jpgcroft_culture_crisis_and_americas_war_on_terror.jpg mccrisken 

Recent collaborativeprojects

  • European Security Policy: Identity, Representation and Security (Browning, Christou). The project aims to explore the constitutive impact which the partner countries are able to exert on the evolution of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), looking at the cases of Moldova and Belarus in the ENP’s eastern dimension and Jordan and Syria in the southern dimension. 
  • Enhancing Openness and Explaining Secrecy: Policy Lessons from the Declassification and Management of US Intelligence and Security Records (Aldrich, Moran, Willmetts). Funded by the AHRC.
  • Governing Traumatic Events (Brassett, Vaughan-Williams). A one-day workshop on this theme, funded by a Roberts Grant, was held in January 2011. A special issue of Alternatives was published in 2012.
  • European-East Asian Critical Border Studies (Browning, Hughes, Vaughan-Williams). A two-day international, interdisciplinary workshop funded by the British Academy and National Science Council, Taiwan, was held in September 2011. The programme can be found here.
  • Resilient Futures: The Politics of Preventive Security (Aldrich, Brassett, Croft, Vaughan-Williams). A two-day international workshop on this theme was funded by the ESRC and held in June 2011. The flyer can be found here.

Individual staff research projects

Richard J. Aldrich 

  • Completing a book on security, liberty and privacy, set against a background of accelerating globalization. It argues that secret services are peculiarly bound up with state sovereignty and that globalization heralds an era of profound crisis for such agencies.
  • Prospective projects include the public understanding of the role of intelligence and overt action within American foreign policy making, together with a series of workshops on the future of UK security activity undertaken in co-operation with Chatham House.

James Brassett 

  • Currently completing a project analysing the ethical bases of responses to the 7/7 ‘terrorist’ attacks in Britain.
  • Prospective projects include the examination of the relationship between security and ethics. The project would analyse both the possibility of an ethical approach to security studies and develops a critical discourse analysis of ethical resistances to security. The latter will include, in particular, the interventions of Shami Chakrabarti as Director of Liberty.

Chris Browning 

  • Undertaking a project analysing the constructed nature of the West and the enduring utility of the concept for insiders and outsiders alike. This project also explores the relationship which other imagined communities - principally the Anglosphere - have with the West.
  • Writing a book developing a revisionist account of the origins and development of Nordic peace concept by utilising a theoretical framework grounded in debates on ontological security.
  • Undertaking a project on the politics of nation-branding with a specific focus on its role as a source of national (self)-esteem and ontological security.

George Christou 

  • Currently completing a project on the EU’s Bordering Practices and Conflict Resolution in the Case of Cyprus. This project explores the impact of the EU on transforming borders (physical, insitutional and identity) in relation to the Cyprus conflict.
  • Currently completing a project on the European Neighbourhood Policy, exploring the extent to which the the governance of ENP and the dominant discourse within ENP policy is recveived in the eastern dimension, with a focus on the Ukraine.
  • Prospective projects include an analysis of the construction of the EU at its borders, with a particular focus on the European Neighbourhood Policy (with Chris Browning).

Stuart Croft 

  • Programme Director for ESRC/AHRC/FCO New Security Challenges Programme.
  • Currently completing a project on the way in which British identity and 'jihadism' are mutually connected.
  • Prospective projects include an analysis of the foreign policy of evangelical organisations in the United States (with Trevor McCrisken and Richard Jackson).

Chris Hughes 

  • Currently completing a book manuscript which examines the process and implications of Japan's adoption of ballistic missile defence for its own security, for alliance cooperation with the US, and for East Asian regional security.
  • Prospective projects include an examination of the potentialities and pitfalls for multilateral security in East Asia in the wake of the US's rearticulation of its bilateral alliances, the development of the ARF and the Six-Party Talks process.

Steven Kettell 

  • Currently completing a book manuscript which examines Britain's participation in the 'war on terror'.

Trevor McCrisken 

  • Currently completing a book chapter on George W. Bush, American exceptionalism and the War in Iraq.
  • Beginning a project examining the relationship between Hollywood film & television and the construction of the threat of terrorism in the United States both before and after September 11, 2001.
  • Prospective projects include an analysis of the foreign policy of conservative protestants in the United States (with Stuart Croft and Richard Jackson) and another measuring the impact on audiences of representations of terrorism in films (with Richard Jackson).

Nicola Pratt 

  • The implications of gender mainstreaming in international security (focusing on Iraq and Israel/Palestine);
  • The impact of geo-politics on conceptualisations of gender in the Middle East (focusing on Egypy, Lebanon and Jordan).

 Tim Sinclair 

  • Currently working on a project on the Political Economy of Military Organization and Warfare, analysing fiscal politics of military procurement, mergers and acquisitions of military-industrial corporations and the financing of military campaigns.

 Nick Vaughan-Williams

  • (Co-I) 'Public Perceptions of Threat in Britain: Security in an Age of Austerity' (ESRC Small Grant)
  • (PI) 'European-East Asian Critical Border Studies' network (British Academy-National Science Foundation, Taiwan Joint Project Grant).
  • (PI) 'Lines in the Sand: Non-Territorial Bordering Practices in Global Politics' project (British Academy Small Grant).
  • 'Marginal Lives': an ethnographic study of the impact of European border security policies and practices on different populations at various sites dispersed globally.
  • 'The Politics of Resilience': a study of the discourse of resilience, particularly in relation to critical infrastructure protection, in UK, EU, and US contexts.