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Globalisation and American Grand Strategy in a Time of Austerity

US Foreign Policy Conference 2013

Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th September 2013

The Eighth Annual BISA US Foreign Policy Working Group Conference

Keynote speaker: Ambassador John D. Negroponte - Former US ambassador to Honduras, Mexico, the Philippines, the United Nations and Iraq; NSC Director for Vietnam under President Nixon; National Security Advisor for President Reagan; Cabinet level first Director of National Intelligence, and Deputy Secretary of State for President G.W. Bush; Member of Foreign Affairs Policy Board for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (See President G. W. Bush's Swearing in Ceremony Here)

Summary: Changes in the international system combined with the 2008 financial crisis have led to growing questions over US power and the ability to lead.

  • What does the rise of the BRICs mean for American power?
  • How will the Arab Spring challenge America's ability to pivot towards Asia?
  • Is the US still capable of building a liberal international order?
  • Should the US look more domestically inward whilst recalibrating its foreign policy?
  • What is the future direction of American grand strategy?

These are amongst a range of questions being addressed at this year's British International Studies Association US Foreign Policy Working Group Conference.

Sponsored by Warwick's own Institute for Advanced Studies, Politics and International Studies Department, the ESRC, BISA and the Institute for the Study of the Americas, we look forward to welcoming distinguished guests and delegates. Already attracting scholars and students from around the world, the Conference will provide space for serious and open debate in what will be the largest US Foreign Policy focused Conference in Europe. This not only demonstrates the University of Warwick's commitment to the study of US Foreign Policy, but also to the vibrancy of the subject here in the UK.


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For further information, please contact Denise Hewlett - denise dot hewlett at warwick dot ac dot uk