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Warwick Intelligent Futures project (WIF)

Cyber Security 2025

Cyber Security 2025 is a one-day conference focused on the future. It is intended to set out a range of scenarios for government organisations, NGOs and major private sector enterprises.

Cyber security is not only vital to the global economy but increasingly to our way of life. Cyberspace is the driver for the majority of economic and social changes over the next decade. By 2025 the number of people in the world who are online will double from 2 billion to 4 billion. Everything we buy in shop that costs more than £20 will have an IP address and will collect data, creating the “Internet of Things”. We will see the first 'smart' cities that start to function like organisms.

Yet this new environment is as fragile as it is exciting. In the recent UK National Security Strategy, “Cyber” was mentioned 79 times in just 75 pages and largely in the context of “threat”. UK Government security provision in this area has been marked for rapid expansion.

Arguments have ranged about the cost of cyber crime and cyber espionage to the global economy. McAfee recently estimated this to be as high as $400 billion. The damage is hard to calculate since it takes many forms, ranging from the loss of intellectual property and business confidential information to possible stock market manipulation. Other costs include reputational damage and reduced trust for online activities. All companies carry increasing costs in terms of securing networks, insurance, and recovery from cyber attacks.

This conference is unusual in that it focuses on long-term developments rather than current issues. Many organisations both private and public want to know:

• How much should they invest over the next decade in cyber security?
• What is the likelihood of a “Black Swan” major systemic failure in the next ten years?
• What will cyber security look like in 2024?

This conference will analyse the long-term future of the cyber threat, scoping a range of scenarios and innovative policies.


Future Events

"Self-Management of Disease: is this the Future?"
Friday 13th November 2015
RUSI, London