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About Us

Warwick Intelligent Futures (WIF) is a foresight project. Our main purpose is to distil the predictive content of the latest academic research for a series of futurology and foresight conferences each year around an important emerging theme. We focus interdisciplinary research on a wide range of issues in an effort to inform the current decisions that will effect our tomorrow.

Our aim is to support strategic decision making. We examine global trends that shape the future and offer forecasts through seminars, presentations and policy briefs. We wish to enhance the awareness of future studies in the UK and offer academics a new platform to join the debate about where we will be in ten years time.

The scientist Niels Bohr famously said: ‘Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future’. We address this explicitly by looking ten years ahead rather than fifty. This limits the variables and increases the credibility of our policy briefs. It also ensures that our work is relevant and applicable, since the policy community often tends to focus on a ten year planning horizon.

Our main vehicle is themed foresight conferences which are high-quality one day events held in Birmingham, Brussels, London and Washington. These are high profile “research road shows” with renowned speakers from Warwick and elsewhere. These foresight events have proved to be of enormous interest to government, business and the third sector.

WIFs main objectives are to:

• Establish a platform for future-focused academic research
• Sustain a flow of policy briefs with real-world impact
• Build new partnerships with business and industry
• Initiate joint projects with the Third Sector
• Collaborate with government foresight initiatives
• Develop an inter-disciplinary approach to future forecasting
• Focus research priorities around the Horizon 2020 programme

WIF is defined by its ten year vision and is not confined to any particular set of issues. It works closely with the Global Research Priorities at Warwick to showcase research that can anticipate, and enhance the long-term potential for human progress. WIF is lead by the Department of Politics and International Studies which has a strong track record of public policy research over almost fifty years.