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Carl Miller

Carl is co-founder and Research Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos.

Carl focuses on finding ways to understand social media in its full scale, scope and complexity by combining sociology, anthropology, computer science and artificial intelligence. He is interested in the creation of social media science as a reliable, powerful and ethical discipline that can inform our responses to social and political problems.

With Sir David Omand and Jamie Bartlett, he coined the term ‘SOCMINT’ – social media intelligence – in the Demos report #Intelligence, the first framework for the ethical and effective collection of social media intelligence for public security. He is also co-author of Truth, Lies and the Internet, which looked at young people’s critical thinking online, and The Power of Unreason, a report into the use of conspiracy theories by extremist groups.

He is currently researching:

  • the use of social media by law enforcement agencies
  • social media and citizen journalism
  • the ethics of intrusive SOCMINT and non-intrusive social media research
  • the ability of social media research to generate insight into political and social attitudes
  • how social media is changing society: beliefs; affiliations, identities and activities

He is also a Research Associate at the King’s Policy Institute at King’s College London. He studied History at Cambridge and holds the top MA distinction in War Studies from King’s College London (2009).