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Project Blog and Research Network

Want to contribute to the debate on faith schools? You can join the conversation via our project blog. Here you can read and comment on original articles by members of our project team and virtual research network.

If you would like to contribute an article of your own, please join our network by emailing FSPP at warwick dot ac dot uk


The purpose of the research network is to encourage individuals and organisations with an interest in faith schooling to connect and engage in discussion about the issues. Network members will receive regular updates on the work of the project and are encouraged to contribute to the blog by authoring posts about their own research or area of expertise, or by commenting on relevant news stories. Members may also contribute by responding to one (or more) of the questions below:

  • Do faith schools threaten social cohesion?
  • Are faith schools well positioned to cultivate civic virtues (e.g. tolerance or respect)?
  • Are faith schools indoctrinatory?
  • Should faith schools be permitted to select their pupils on the grounds of faith?

Contributions should be roughly 500 words in length (although shorter posts will be considered). We welcome posts from individuals and organisations with a broad range of views and are keen to hear from contributors in a variety of roles. Contributions from members/ leaders of faith organisations as well as students (at all levels of education) are particularly welcome.

For further information or to submit your blog post, please email FSPP at warwick dot ac dot uk