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Project Team

Although the three Primary Investigators (PI's) are committed to writing collaboratively within the project, each has his own particular interests, as follows:

Matthew Clayton

Matthew Clayton

Matthew's research focuses on the child’s right to autonomy; the permissibility or impermissibility of parents enrolling their child into a particular religion; the relationship between religious schooling and the development of liberal values; how faith schools should be regarded in the UK given its particular history of religious involvement in education.

Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason

Andrew's primary contribution to the project involves clarifying the concepts of social cohesion and integration and examining the impact of faith schooling on the goods that these social relationships are though to promote. The ultimate aim is to determine how parents’ interest in shaping the religious views of their children should be balanced against the state’s interest in promoting the conditions for a reasonably just society and the child’s interest in autonomy, in the particular non-ideal circumstances that are confronted in the UK.

Adam Swift


Adam's work involves identifying a range of important familial relationship goods, and examining the weight and significance of these goods compared to the child’s interest in autonomy and the state’s interest in educating children for citizenship, in the context of faith schooling in both ideal and non-ideal circumstances. He will also examine normative and empirical questions concerning admission to faith schools in the light of the fact that many parents choose them not primarily on religious grounds but because those schools are believed to be better than the alternatives.

Ruth Wareham


Ruth was recently awarded a PhD in philosophy from the University of Birmingham. Her thesis was entitled, 'Prohibition, Accommodation or Transformation? A Philosophical Investigation into the Moral Permissibility of Faith Schools in Liberal Democratic Societies'.

As a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Ruth's role involves supporting the work of the PI's as well as writing and co-authoring various academic outputs on the subject of faith schooling. Her own research focuses on the legitimacy of faith-based admissions policies (in the UK and beyond).