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Below is a selection of key publications from authors within the Political Theory cluster at the Politics and International Studies Department.

Elden. S
Foucault's Last Decade
Eldon, Foucault Elden. S
The Birth of Territory.
mason.jpg Mason. A

Living Together as Equals: The Demands of Citizenship.

Swift, A. and Brighouse, H.

Family Value

Family Values

Sorell. TE

Emergencies and Politics: A Sober Hobbesian Approach

sorell.jpg Saward. MJ

The Representative Claim


Other Recent Publications Include:

M. Clayton, 'Liberal Equality: Political not Erinaceous', Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 19 (2016), 416-433.

M. Clayton, 'Is the Free Market Justifiable to Everyone?' (with David Stevens), Res Publica, 21 (2015), 363-382.

M. Clayton, 'Dignified Morality' (with Zofia Stemplowska), Jurisprudence, 6 (2015), 309-326.

M. Clayton, When God Commands Disobedience: Political Liberalism and Unreasonable Religions (with David Stevens), Res Publica (online 2013; print

M. Clayton, On Widening Participation in Higher Education Through Positive Discrimination, Journal of Philosophy of Education, 46 (2012), 414-431.

M. Clayton, The Case Against the Comprehensive Enrolment of Children, Journal of Political Philosophy, 20 (2012), 353-364.

M. Clayton, Equality, Justice and Legitimacy in Selection, Journal of Moral Philosophy, 9 (2012), 8-30.

M. Clayton, Justice and Legitimacy in Upbringing (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006).

M. Coakley, 'Interpersonal Comparisons of the Good: Epistemic not Impossible', Utilitas, September 2016, pp. 288-313

M. Coakley, 'The Ethical and Economic Case for Sweatshop Regulation', Journal of Business Ethics, Oct 2013, Vol 117, Issue 3, (with M. Kates)

M. Coakley, 'On the Value of Political Legitimacy', Politics, Philosophy & Economics, Nov 2011, Vol 10, No. 4.

S. Elden, Terror and Territory: The Spatial Extent of Sovereignty, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2009.

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S. Elden, 'Thinking Past Henri Lefebvre: Introducing "The Theory of Ground Rent and Rural Sociology'", with Adam David Morton, Antipode, 2016.

S. Elden, "A More Marxist Foucault? Reading La société punitive", Historical Materialism, Vol 23 No 4, 2015, pp. 149-68.

S. Elden, “The Geopolitics of Boko Haram and Nigeria’s War on Terror”, The Geographical Journal, Vol 180 No 4, 2014, pp. 414-25.

S. Elden, “Necessary, but not Sufficient: Geography, Territory and the History of Ideas”, Dialogues in Human Geography, Vol 4 No 3, 2014, pp. 320-3 (a
reply to John Agnew).

S. Elden, “The Geopolitics of King Lear: Territory, Land, Earth”, Law and Literature, Vol 25 No 2, 2013, pp. 147-65.

S. Elden, “Leibniz and Geography: Geologist, Palaeontologist, Biologist, Historian, Political Theorist and Geopolitician”, Geographica Helvetica, Vol
68 No 2, 2013, pp. 81-93.

S. Elden, 'Secure the Volume: Vertical Geopolitics and the Depth of Power', Political Geography, Vol 32 No 2, 2013, pp. 35-51.

S. Elden, 'Jean Gottmann, The Significance of Territory', Geographica Helvetica, Vol 68 No 1, 2013, pp. 65-68.

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S. Elden, 'The Space of the World', New Geographies, No 4, 2011, pp. 26-31.

K. Hadjimatheou, 'Surveillance Technologies, Wrongful Criminalisation, and the Presumption of Innocence', Philosophy and Technology, 2016.

K. Hadjimatheou, 'Once They Pass You, They May be Gone Forever: Humanitarian Duties and Professional Tensions in Safeguarding and Anti-Trafficking at the Border', British Journal of Criminology, 2016.
K. Hadjimatheou, 'The Professionalization of Policing in the U.K.: A Vital Opportunity to Improve Ethical Standards', Police Chief (Dec. 2015)

K. Hadjimatheou, 'The Relative Moral Risks of Untargeted and Targeted Surveillance', Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 2013.

K. Hyams, ‘Hypothetical Choice, Egalitarianism, and the Separateness of Persons’, Utilitas 27 (2015): 217-239

K. Hyams, ‘Equality, Responsibility, and the Balance of Interests’, Journal of Social Philosophy 44 (2013): 392-401

K. Hyams, ‘The Ethics of Carbon Offsetting’, (with Tina Fawcett) Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change 4 (2013): 91-98

K. Hyams, ‘Rights, Exploitation, and Third Party Harms: Why Background Injustice Matters to Consensual Exchange’, Journal of Social Philosophy, 43 (2012): 113-124

K. Hyams, ‘When Consent Doesn't Work: A Rights-Based Case for Limits to Consent’s Capacity to Legitimise’, Journal of Moral Philosophy 8 (2011): 110-138

H. McCabe, '"Good Housekeeping”? Re-Assessing John Stuart Mill’s Position on the Gendered Division of Labour', History of Political Thought (forthcoming).

H. McCabe, ‘Harriet Taylor’, in Blackwell’s Companion to John Stuart Mill (forthcoming, November 2016)

H. McCabe, ‘John Stuart Mill’s Analysis of Capitalism and the Road to Socialism’, in A New Social Question: Capitalism, Socialism and Utopia, edited by Casey Harrison (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015), pp.8-26.

H. McCabe, ‘John Stuart Mill, Utility and the Family: Attacking ‘the Citadel of the Enemy’’, International Review of Philosophy (2015).

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A. Mason, ‘What is the Point of Justice?’, Utilitas, Vol. 24, 2012, 556-578

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2010, 857-874.

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C. Nathan, ‘Liability to Deception and Manipulation: The Ethics of Undercover Policing‘, Journal of Applied Philosophy (forthcoming, 2016).

C. Nathan, ‘Bureaucratic Respectful Equality‘ in European Journal of Political Theory (forthcoming, 2016).

E. Page, 'Compensating for the climate change loss and damage', Political Studies, 64(x), forthcoming (2016) (with Clare Heyward).

E. Page, 'Qui bono? Justice in the distribution of the costs of avoided deforestation', Res Publica 21(x): 1-15 (2015).

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M. Saward, 'Fragments of Equality in Representative Politics', in Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, vol.19, Issues 1-3, January-June 2016

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M. Saward, ‘The Dynamics of European Citizenship: enactment, extension and assertion’, in Comparative European Politics, vol.11, no.1, 2013

M. Saward, ‘Critical Exchange on Michael Saward’s The Representative Claim’, in Contemporary Political Theory, vol.11, no.1, 2012 [co-author with A. Schaap, L. Disch, S. Thompson and D. Castiglione]

M. Saward, 'Slow Theory: taking time over transnational democratic representation’, in Ethics & Global Politics, vol.4, no.1, 2011

T. Sorrell, Preventive Policing, Surveillance and European Counter-Terrorism, Criminal Justice Ethics 30 (1) 2011 pp. 1-22 3.

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A. Swift, Family Values (with Harry Brighouse) (Princeton UP, 2014).

A. Swift, 'Advantage, Authority, Autonomy and Continuity: A Response to Ferracioli, Gheaus and Stroud' (with Harry Brighouse), Law, Ethics and
Philosophy (forthcoming 2016)

A. Swift, 'Educational Goods and Values: A Framework for Decision-Makers' (with Harry Brighouse, Helen F. Ladd, and Susanna Loeb), Theory and
Research in Education, 2016.

A. Swift, 'Family Value Without Gender' in E. Mbonda and T. Ngosso (eds.) Theories de la Justice: Justice globale, agents de la justice et justice de genre (Louvain UP, 2016)

A. Swift, 'The Place of Educational Equality in Educational Justice' (with Harry Brighouse) in K. Meyer (ed.) Education, Justice and the Human Good
(Routledge), 2014.

A. Swift, Political Philosophy: A Beginners' Guide for Students and Politicians (3rd ed. Polity 2013)

A. Swift, 'The Goods of Parenting' (with Harry Brighouse), in F. Baylis and C. McLeod (eds.) Family-Making: Contemporary Ethical Challenges (OUP), 2014.

A. Swift, 'Ideal and Nonideal Theory in Rawls' (with Zofia Stemplowska), in J. Mandle and D. Reidy (eds.) A Companion to Rawls (Blackwell), 2013

A. Swift, 'Family' and 'Parents' Rights and Responsibilities' (with Harry Brighouse), in H. LaFollette (ed.) International Encyclopedia of Ethics (Wiley-
Blackwell), 2013

A. Swift, 'Family Values and Schools Policy: Shaping Values and Conferring Advantage', with Harry Brighouse, in D. Allen and R. Reich (eds.) Education,
Justice, Democracy (Chicago UP), 2013. [This book won the 2013 American Publishers Award for Scholarly Excellence in the Education category.]

A. Swift, 'Response to Heckman', contribution to forum on Promoting Social Mobility in the Boston Review September/October 2012

A. Swift, 'Schools and Social Mobility' (with Vikki Boliver), Sociology Review 22(2) 2012

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Philippe Van Parijs (Louvain UP 2011).

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