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Mel Venables

Student Recruitment and Marketing Officer (PAIS), PhD Candidate (Notts)

Tel: +44 (0)24 765 74694
Room: B1.03, Social Sciences Building
Office Hours: Any time, just barge in--don't even bother knocking, it's not like I have work to do


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I joined PAIS in October 2009 as Postgraduate Coordinator. In August of 2010 I unofficially took on the role of Student Recruitment and Marketing Officer, which later became a permanent position. Since I'm also an idiot, I also joined the School of English at the University of Nottingham as a part-time PhD candidate in September 2010.

My current research centres on the functions of storytelling in Beowulf, particularly in terms of how stories are used to manipulate audiences within the poem, how those audiences affect storytellers in the poem, and how this potentially reflects the external poet/audience relationship. The relationship between storytelling and conversation, the use of stories as tools, and the value of stories/value that stories add to objects and people are some of the elements I am looking at.

In addition to working and 'researching', I was on the organisational committee for the 2012 Institute for Medieval Research postgraduate conference in Nottingham.

Research interests

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In addition to storytelling in Beowulf and of course the poem at large, my research interests include:

  • Old English poetry, particularly the elegies and especially The Wanderer
  • The role of women in Anglo-Saxon literature and society
  • Representations of the medieval in popular culture
  • Comparative studies of medieval and postmodern literature

More details about my research interests and activities can be found on my Research page.

This is also a handy space to put links to any conferences/workshops you're organising or participating in, links to any research projects/centres you're part of, recent/current/imminent fieldwork activities, etc.

Teaching and supervision

I don't actually teach, but if I did, I would lis the module(s) here and provide a link to each module website.

If I was a professor and not a student, I would welcome PhD proposals on any of the above topics and invite prospective students with similar interests to send me a short proposal outline/idea to begin discussing whether or not I'd be interested in their project.

Recent publications

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Wolfe, Melissa J. 'Swa cwæð snottor on mode: Four Issues in The Wanderer' in Neophilologus 92.3 (2008), p. 559-65.

Behold the wonder of all my publications on my Publications page.


I don't have any pretty book covers, so here's a very recent book my supervisor contributed to:



I was on the organising committee for the next Institute for Medieval Research postgraduate conference 'Rethinking Medieval Methodologies: 21st Century Approaches to the Middle Ages'.

I should probably add that I based the design for this page on Joao's page, which looks very similar to Nick's. Well done, boys.