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hypnotoadProfessor of Globalisation and Extreme Obedience

Tel: +44 (0)24 765 74694
Room: B1.03
Office hours: Whenever I say

Hypnotoad holds several degrees from a wide variety of intergalactically-recognised institutions of higher learning. His doctoral thedslkafjoawieur[asis centred on the glorification of the Hypnotoad and the susceptibility of humans to mind control and blind obedience. It won every major thesis prize in Political Science for three years running.

Hypnotoad's research interests include globalisation, the history of global dictatorships, theories of mind control and brainwashing, mass hypnosis, the political economy of Google, and the use of soundwaves to impose order and incite obedience in areas of civil unrest.

Hypnotoad's current project revolves around gathering a cloud of minions from among the student populace to do his bidding; their research and strategic undermining of existing political regimes will pave the way toward a glorious future of amphibian-based power over the puny humans. Progress on this project so far indicates that in the face of the global economic crisis, the human population is ripe for receiving a new global leader whose enigmatic personality will lead the world to a new era of prosp-ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

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