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Constance Bobotsi

BA Politics and International Studies (2019)

For me, the most important bit of university is the experiences you collect throughout your degree and lots of the times these come in the form of extra-curricular activities. Apart from all the societies, sports clubs, and socials, however, there are more ways to get involved at Warwick; and one of those is the Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC for short). As the name suggests, it is a committee of students and academics that tries to improve the Department and the student experience it offers. Every year, PAIS students have the opportunity to run in the elections to become Course Representatives for their whole year in PAIS, proposing changes that will improve the course and everything linked to it. The elected Course Reps meet frequently with Department members to discuss their ideas and find ways to realise them.

Being a Course Rep for the SSLC is a very rewarding experience: you get an insight into everything that takes place in your Department and represent your fellow students and their concerns. Especially for us PAIS students, who frequently want to pursue a career in the public sphere, the SSLC gives us an opportunity to practice and gain skills when it comes to negotiating, working in a group, and representing interests - and, of course, there’s not much better than this as an enrichment of your CV! Personally, I find the most satisfying part to be when you manage to bring change: for example, at the moment we’re considering how different ways of assessment could be incorporated in PAIS. If holding public office (on the micro level) is something that you want to cross off your university bucket list, I would definitely recommend getting involved with the SSLC!