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Daniela Şerban

Current PhD candidate

Writing my PhD thesis has been a life changing opportunity. I am deeply grateful to the University of Warwick for this amazing chance of pursuing a PhD in a world-class research environment at the Department of Politics and International Studies. Thanks to its generous funding through the Chancellor’s Scholarship I have been able to overcome an important professional milestone. I have discovered how rewarding research can be, and beyond the loneliness that a PhD Degree can involve, I have discovered a tremendous postgraduate community whose support has made this journey pleasant. And I am deeply grateful to my two supervisors, Ben Clift and Diane Stone, whose constant support and advice have helped me navigating through the PhD from its very incipient phase.

Before joining Warwick, I worked for the European Parliament, and using this experience, my research at Warwick has helped me to better understand the link between research/expertise and policy making. Yet, another important point I am taking from these four years of research relates to public engagement, making research appealing to the general public, and keeping always an eye on how academia can be useful for making better the society in which we live.

daniela serban