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Francesca Tray

BA Politics and International Studies (2019)

As you arrive at Warwick, choosing your modules might be your last thought, but it is a good idea to start thinking about how you wish to angle your studies.

You have a few weeks at the start of your first term to decide, but can also make changes up until a certain date, so no need to panic if you suddenly change your mind! You will have a certain number of compulsory modules each year which everyone on your course will take. In your first year you can choose either one full year optional module, worth 30 CATS, or two optional termly modules worth 15 CATS each. Check which terms your optional modules are running in so you don’t create too big of a workload. I made the mistake of picking both my optional modules in one term, which meant a lot of deadlines all at once!

Look at the PAIS website for a full list of module choices and read the summaries the directors have written. It is worth researching who will be teaching the module and see if their fields of expertise are of any interest to you. You may also find it helpful to ask second and third years for their opinions, as they were in your position not that long ago! Post on the Politics Freshers Facebook page or contact the Politics Society, and they’ll point you in the right direction.
A final thought, which may influence your choices, is the methods of assessment. Sometimes there is a choice between exams or coursework or sometimes a combination. This allows you to really play to your strengths and ensures you get the best grade at the start of your degree.

Most importantly choose what you enjoy. First year doesn’t contribute to your degree so take the opportunity to experiment with new topics and interests. It is the perfect time to pick something new!

francesca tray