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Geoffrey Lugano

Current PhD candidate

Before commencing academic work at Warwick, I was conducting research for local and international NGOs in Nairobi, Kenya. I decided to embark on a PhD at Warwick given its vibrant academic and student community.The department has helped me obtain adequate research and analytical skills. Throughout the PhD programme, there were training sessions on research methodology, many seminars, as well as journal publication training sessions. Consequently, I was able to publish a journal article in a special issue of a top international journal even before the completion of my PhD programme.

While doing a PhD at Warwick, you can attend many seminars that the department avails periodically, attend fellowships, as well as conferences and seminars. I took advantage of all these opportunities. Just to mention a few, I attended a PhD summer school in Copenhagen, and the 2018 International Studies Association (ISA) convention that the department agreed to fund. The study programme is also flexible enough for one to conduct field work overseas. For my PhD, I conducted field work in The Netherlands, Uganda and Kenya.

My thesis is titled: Politicization of international criminal interventions and the impasse of transitional justice: a comparative study in Uganda and Kenya. Simply, the study examines domestic political translations of the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) interventions in African situations, and the resulting implications for such precedents for long-term peacebuilding. In the PhD, I contrast the normative foundations of the ICC’s establishment, and local/regional receptions of its interventions in Uganda and Kenya, and extrapolate the cases to other African situations (the DRC, Uganda, Cote d’Ivoire, Burundi and South Sudan), whose politicization I argue are antithetical to transitional justice discourses.

I also enjoy the fact that at PAIS, one can actually do a multi-disciplinary study and get supervision from other departments. In my case, I am conducting a multidisciplinary study that involves both politics and international criminal law. Thus, I have a PAIS supervisor, and another one from the Warwick Law School.