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Hala Dakmak

BA Politics and International Studies (2019)

Coming to university and having to make decisions on what modules to take can be confusing and overwhelming at the start, but that’s the good thing about Warwick, you have an abundant amount of information and advice to help you make your choices. For Warwick PAIS, you have three weeks to decide what modules you want to choose, giving you enough time to research. After all, you don’t want to be stuck doing a module you genuinely don’t enjoy, it makes it harder to study than it already is. Personally, the first place I went to for information was the Warwick website. The PAIS webpage offers detailed module descriptions, giving you an overview of the topics covered, how many lectures or seminars the module has, and how you will be assessed. This way, you can decide whether you would be interested.

Now you’ve read all that you can online, what next? Speak to your personal tutor! Each student is allocated a personal tutor at the start of university. My personal tutor in first year was extremely helpful in module choices. I went to him with some of the questions I had and he did his best to answer them all. Also, I was lucky enough to meet PAIS students in older years during my first few weeks at society meetings. It is always good to hear opinions of older students on modules, either because they have done them, or have friends who have. So, if you meet any older students, don’t hesitate to ask! But don’t worry if you don’t know any, it isn’t a necessity, just another option. PAIS also organises information sessions on module choices at the start of each year, offering professional advice so keep an eye on those! They are extremely helpful! Don’t forget, if none of the PAIS modules are attractive enough, don’t be afraid to look at modules from other departments (e.g. sociology), and lastly, try to enjoy every bit of the experience!