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Iulia Bucur

BA Politics and International Studies (2019)

Oddly enough, I feel like Warwick was part of my life even before coming here – like most first-years out there, I worried about a lot of things while getting ready to move to a completely different country for the next 3 years of my life. Can I live on my own? Will I be able to keep up with university-level coursework? What about making new friends? These were all questions that came to mind in the months leading up to my departure.

But first term turned out to be not as scary as I’d initially thought! I met lots of people from different courses, countries and backgrounds and realised I was not alone in all of this – everyone was dealing with a big change and everyone was eager to socialise and help. I think stepping out of my comfort zone is what made my first term at university amazing and I would encourage everyone to consider trying things they never thought they’d do.

A good way to do this is by joining societies or even just going to their taster sessions in the first few weeks to see what they’re about. I remember trying everything from Ballroom Dancing and Trampolining to Public Speaking and UNICEF, and eventually settling for TEDxWarwick. It wasn’t always easy with deadlines and reading mounting up, but having something I enjoyed and could do outside my degree was how I got away from all the stress. When December came round and I went back home for the Christmas holidays, I remember being a bit sad to leave campus and all the great memories and friends I’d made, but I was looking forward to what the next year and term had in store for me!