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Imaad Uddin

BA Politics and International Studies (2018)

The first term of university is usually seen as a transition period for most students and this was definitely the case for myself. You can find a lot of tips online on making the most out of the opportunities available to you. However, the best piece of advice that I would share with all prospective Warwick students is to be open-minded and to try and understand what your interests and passions are. Rather than joining and committing to a dozen different societies and projects, find what makes you tick. Warwick has an endless number of things to get involved in, from teaching at local schools with Warwick Volunteers to working on a start-up business with Warwick Entrepreneurs. The key here is not to over-stretch yourself with time (something which I was guilty of during my first term), as you tend to be overwhelmed with information, but instead focus on what you enjoy, and don’t be pressured into doing everything!

But what if I don’t know where my passions and interests lie? Good question; as most students tend to go through university changing career plans and finding out more about themselves. Once again, the only way you will find out where your strengths lie is to get involved with activities outside of your course, putting yourself out of you comfort zone will develop yourself in more ways than you can imagine. Warwick has some of the biggest and most active societies on campus with an endless number of opportunities, including visiting refugee camps in Jerusalem, teaching English in Indonesia, performing in our newly-refurbished Arts Centre, climbing the largest mountain in Africa with RAG or working part-time in Coventry or Leamington. Put yourself out there and make the most of your university experience.