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Joulanar Maayouchi

MA International Relations (2018)

I graduated from the University of Warwick with a Bachelor in Economics, Politics and International Studies. The three years I spent at the Uni were beyond everything I could imagine and expect. Academically, the course content and class debates re-shaped my vision of the world and allowed me to discuss issues from alternatives views that I wouldn’t otherwise have thought about.

The time I had at the University was a lifetime experience, however, after graduating, I felt like I wasn’t done learning from the PAIS department. The strength and very essence of the University is its complete refusal of the static state. Warwick is constantly evolving, and so is its Politics and International Studies department. Consequently, when I decided to do apply for masters, I looked at the courses and programs available there. I was glad to find out that Warwick not only offered a Master in International Relations, the course I wanted to do, but also offered as part of their taught program the chance to take international security and international development as optional modules, giving me by this mean the chance to have both the subjects I am most passionate about while being able to explore new areas of the political sphere and incorporating wider socio-economic dimensions to my studies.

The MA in International Relations allowed me to tackle a diversity of issues and build a new variety of skills, from theoretical knowledge to outstanding approaches and original perspectives. The department, the tutors, my classmates and my friends have helped me achieved goals that seemed out of reach and if I had to sum up my experience and the four fantastic years I spent here, I would say that the University of Warwick is the land of unsuspected and unexpected great opportunities and that its community never fails to lead us towards new horizons.