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Kei-Retta Farrell

Double Degree with American University (2019)
MA International Development at Warwick

Originally, I applied to the single-year International Development MA program, however as the academic year progressed, after attending the Double Degree Information Workshops, speaking to former students, and conducting research, I came across the Social Innovation Program Concentration at American University, and began to discover the numerous ways in which a Masters in International Service at American University could complement my MA in International Development from Warwick. I decided to transfer onto the Double Degree Program as I realised that together these degrees would provide me with a solid foundation to go beyond current development practices, to reimagine International Development in a way that not only gives the most marginalised in society a seat at the table, but is conducive to their empowerment so that they can create their own tables.

My time at PAIS exceeded my expectations. Academically, the PAIS department offered a range of modules that allowed me to tailor my degree to my interests in the global social issues that affect marginalised populations, but also challenged me to think outside of the box and broaden my perspective. Outside of academics, I was involved in the Global Development Society which exposed me to many more cultures and opinions, and served to really enrich my postgraduate experience.

Similarly, my time at American University was incredibly fruitful. The modules on offer to choose from struck the right balance between theoretical and practical studies, and were taught by academic-practitioners. Located in D.C., American University is in the heart of International Affairs, and this allowed for me to gain incredible insights into to the current development discourse.

I would definitely recommend the Double Degree Masters program to anyone seeking to understand the complex field of International Affairs.