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Roshni Harjani Sajnani

BA Politics and International Studies (2019)

My personal favourite aspect about the department is that learning is not limited to books and journals, but there are also tons of opportunities to explore Politics in your day to day life. If you enjoy watching movies, the PAIS Film club screens movies from time to time welcoming everyone to watch a political movie. It is a great way to bond and learn over popcorn!

We also have a large communal space which is the PAIS common room, it is perfect for when you have breaks between lectures and want to enjoy free drinks from the coffee machine. I personally spend a lot of time in the common room, and I have gotten to socialise with a lot of people who are welcoming and approachable. The PAIS Department is extremely diverse, and you will find yourself talking about really interesting topics with course mates who are very different to you.

When it comes to the academic aspects of the department, even though the module selection might be a bit restricted in the first year, there are opportunities for you to explore more areas of study over the next following year. It is flexible in that it allows you to select external modules, so if you are a Politics student looking to do Marketing, you can still do that!