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Luke Bantock

lukeBA Politics with International Studies 2009-12
MA International Political Economy 2014

I studied for both my Undergraduate and Masters Degrees at Warwick and it was the modules I studied in second year on States and Markets and third year on Globalisation with Dr Iain Pirie that inspired me to stay on and study political economy. I loved the combination of the two disciplines and it gave me such a fresh perspective on how the world worked. However, the diversity of the MA has allowed me to focus on political economy of development. I specifically enjoy the critical stance that the department has, where everything is questioned and nothing is given.

Within the department the staff are all very helpful and extremely knowledgeable and there a wide range of research assistant opportunities to get involved in if you want. But it is the cohort of students that stands out for me. Having such a diverse range of nationalities and experiences in seminars makes for much more rounded discussions. It is amazing to have someone from India talk about their experiences and knowledge from India, and then be disagreed with by someone from China who thinks something completely different.