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Chris Biggs

profile.jpgMA International Security 2011

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying in PAIS at Warwick. From the beginning it has been an exciting and intellectually stimulating journey. What stood out for me was the broad range of optional modules students are able to pick to complement their core module. This wide variety of modules focusing on a range of topic from terrorism to development, allows you to build your degree to suit your interests and future aspirations. In addition, each of these modules are headed by world class professors whose vast knowledge is an excellent source throughout the year.The teaching method implemented in the Masters course is also outstanding, fostering an environment during seminars that allows free discussion and debate over hot button topics.

The array of different student backgrounds and large number of international students also contributes greatly to the number of opinions and particular view points mentioned in class, meaning that you will forever be learning something and being forced to question your own predetermined ideas. In my opinion, it was this which I enjoyed the most in my year at PAIS, the way professors and fellow students caused you to think about what you thought you knew, and constantly pushed you to learn things you hadn’t yet discovered.