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Lieke Bos


Double Masters with Nanyang Technological University 2015

I chose to study at Warwick because of the excellent reputation PAIS has. That I could do a Double Degree with Nanyang Technological University only reaffirmed my decision. Because of the double degree, I can study two of my interest areas (International Political Economy and East Asia) in detail, as well as the combination of the two.

The environment at Warwick is very international, as many of my fellow students have lived in different countries and some even already have work experience relevant to our courses. People also come from different backgrounds such as economics, business or law, of which the knowledge transfer is well facilitated by the professors. Having studied International Law before, I could provide my fellow students with knowledge about the laws one needs to consider when talking about territorial disputes in East Asia. This provides for very lively and interesting discussions (not just in class, but also while socialising) which I have not yet been able to experience anywhere else.