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Francesca Chiu

profile.jpgMA International Development 2014

I am always interested in the idea of ‘development’- technically, there is no single definition for the terms ‘developed/developing’, but international organizations usually use data such as GDP and human development index as indicators for a country’s development level. No matter what indicators are used, it appears that the compositions of developed/developing countries are almost constant, and only a few developing countries have been able to move to the ‘developed’ category—it seems that the Global South has been undergoing the development process for decades, and has still not become ‘developed’. I want to know the reasons behind this, so I chose to study the MA in International Development for further insights.

After studying for almost 5 months, I realize that the more I study, the less I know—it is because international development involves so many actors, internal and external factors, theories, and most importantly, conflicting interests. Also, I realize that development is more than just increasing incomes or improving economic conditions—it is about human dignity and equality which are fundamental to all human beings. And this motivates me to join the development field after graduation.