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Aled Evans

profile.jpgBA Politics 2014

Having recently taken a job as an auditor at an international firm, it is quite different from when I first came to study politics at Warwick, where I believed that I would pursue a career in Parliament. However, it was my second year module, International Political Economy, that led to me researching issues such as the Financial Crisis and tax havens and how important politics is within shaping how these issues are dealt with. This was most clearly put across when my lecturer showed us what we could buy with the tax that some companies avoided – in one case 133 billion Freddo’s.

It was from this that my interest in the financial sector developed and although I knew that I didn’t want to become a banker, I learnt that I was suited to a career in finance. Now I can put my Politics degree to good use by trying to avert future crises by making sure the banks are abiding by the rules and reporting them if they’re not.