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Michiel Foulon

profile.jpgMA International Political Economy 2011
Current PhD Candidate

I chose for Warwick because of its international aspects. Seminar classes are composed of 10-15 people, of which in my seminars at most 2 students per seminar were British. This gives the opportunity have very rich discussions in seminar with people with first hand experience from whole over the world (which is thus more then Western Europe and North America ;-) ), sitting right next to you.

Before I studied Law and Commercial Sciences, but to truly understand how the international community works, I needed to understand all these issues, which I studied before in Law and Commercial Sciences, from the political science viewpoint. On the one hand it contains the same topics as my previous degrees in Law and the one in Commercial science, but on the other hand nothing is the same. You learn to think about all these things in a different way, and it is this way which makes you understanding the whole system much better.

The social live and dynamism is one of the best aspects I think. A university like Warwick attracts people with certain mentalities, characterized by ambition, bright people, enthusiastic people, social and open people, etc. This creates a very special and unique environment which sometimes looks a bit 'to good to be true'.

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