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Sarah Goler Solecki

sarah golerCurrent PhD candidate

Before coming to Warwick I’d heard horror stories about the English weather. I came to PAIS as an overseas student from Colorado, a state in the US that has more sunny days than southern California. How was I to survive the gray, rainy and miserable winter? I was entirely unsure of what to expect both at Warwick and in PAIS, especially since I am part of a separate Erasmus Mundus European doctorate program. However, my worries have proven unfounded and I have been fully integrated into the department. My supervisor is extremely helpful, despite being so busy, and the resources at the university are great. There are tons of activities both within and outside the department to become involved in. I regularly take trips to the mountains with the Warwick Mountains Club and attend CRIPS socials in the campus pubs. The intellectual enthusiasm and support of everyone in PAIS and the PhD community is strong and helps make embarking on a PhD a less isolated experience.

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