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Gert Hilgers

gert hilgersDouble Masters with Nanyang Technological University 2012
Current PhD candidate

I initially chose PAIS for my Masters studies because of their unique Double Degree Programme with RSIS at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. It allowed me to continue my education in the UK at a very well-respected university and department, and to also spend a year in Singapore with their more practical focus on the political economy of East and Southeast Asia.

What made me come back to Warwick for my PhD, then? First, to have a primary supervisor who is not only an expert in his (and my) chosen field but also someone who is approachable and clearly wants me to succeed in my studies. Second, to become part of a very active research community that is more on the critical side of international relations. Third, because I have always felt that almost all academic and administrative staff members I have been in contact with in PAIS are genuinely supportive people and you can find some bright students here as well.

As a postgraduate student at PAIS, you have access to regular public lectures and seminars for all students, subject-related research seminars and working groups, and also various activities to take part in during your spare time (film clubs, departmental football, drinks... and whatever else your student cohort comes up with). If you need a break, Birmingham and its airport is only 20 minutes away from Coventry's main train station; a train ride to London just takes an hour.

In short: I decided to pursue my PhD studies at the University of Warwick because I found a supervisor that suits my needs and expectations, because the university - and PAIS in particular - provide a stellar research environment, and because the student community offers plenty of activities to satisfy my (non-)academic interests.

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