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Sanat Misra

sanatCurrent Double Masters with the University of Konstanz

I chose to study at Warwick for one, often cited, reason: its strong academic research. A brief glance at the recently published papers from the department confirmed a mutual interest (with my own background) and gave me a taste of what it would be like studying here. But, when I arrived at Warwick, I was introduced to an excellent peer group, from different countries and diverse backgrounds and soon enough I came to realise that there were more reasons to stay at Warwick. PAIS fosters a an extremely supportive environment, it often feels like we’re part of a small community; the professors are extremely friendly and always willing to offer advice about any ideas you may have or things you’re struggling with. The department also encourages involvement in extra-curricular activity; they subsidised a language course to complement my studies and I was able to continue learning French, at Warwick’s Language Centre.

Being an MA student at PAIS also opened up the opportunity for me to pursue a Double Degree at the University of Konstanz and I’m sure the skills that I will gain from these two degrees will go a long way in my future endeavors. Specializing in my area of interest (International Political Economy) was made extremely easy with the department’s streamlined modules and I was also given the opportunity to audit modules that seemed interesting (without adding any extra credit).

When I was reading student experiences, like you are now, it all sounded really generic at first; but I soon came to realise – when I reached Warwick – that, it is the engaging student life, intellectually stimulating environment (during seminars, department talks or even evenings spent at the Dirty Duck!), and community spirit in the department that fosters its international reputation. In short, I would recommend PAIS to anyone who asked - with great peers, friendly professors and an extremely supportive network, your time at Warwick will be truly unforgettable!