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Masumi Owa

profile.jpgCurrent PhD candidate

The first time I had confidence with my choice of PAIS was the time I was submitting my PhD application to PAIS. My potential supervisor (and now my supervisor) provided me very detail and helpful comments/advice to improve my research proposal even though I contacted him for the first time. Besides, PAIS graduate office was so kind and effective in their communication with me, especially in relation to applying for scholarship, which I am now successfully receiving.

So, even before I started my study, I was sure that I made a right choice, as professional advice to your research project and administrative support are the most important factors you might think of when choosing where to study.

Of course my expectation has not been turned off even after I started my study here. Among all, one thing I should mention is that PAIS has effective system by which you are gently pushed to continue your research project. Generally speaking, one of the biggest risks for PhD students is delaying of research schedule. However, PAIS offers great system (e.g. you are assured at least 8 times of meetings with your supervisor(s) during the first year) so that students’ motivation can stay stable. Moreover, my supervisors are very friendly, very efficient, and always providing me with inspiring advice for my research.

In summary, I would recommend that you try to contact and communicate to PAIS directly by yourself so that you can really feel that you would be satisfied with the quality of education offered here!

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