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Tom Parr

profile.jpgBA PPE 2011
Current PhD Candidate

As an undergraduate, I studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) at the University of Warwick. I then studied for an MSc in Political Theory Research at the University of Oxford, before returning to the University of Warwick to complete my PhD in Politics and International Studies.

I wanted to do a PhD for two reasons. First, I was excited by the possibility of being given the opportunity to research in depth the questions that I am interested in. Second, I wasn't all that keen on the idea of having a 9-5 job, and I was therefore attracted by the flexibility involved in writing a PhD. My PhD examines the political principles and social institutions that ought to guide society's arrangement and distribution of work. The provisional title is 'On The Job: Justice and Legitimacy at Work'.

For me, the best thing about the PhD programme in PAIS is the strong sense of community that I feel with both other PhD students and Faculty members. The PhD students are very sociable and frequently meet up to discuss work or (more often than not) simply go out for a few drinks. It’s great also that many Faculty members tend to work in their offices rather than from home, and so can regularly be seen around the Department.

My supervisors are the best. I have benefited enormously from the supervision they have provided: as I result of their supervision, I have improved the quality of my arguments, learned to write more clearly, and become more marketable in the job market. I have benefited not only from formal supervisions, but also from countless discussions in seminars, workshops, and over lunch.

In September, I take up the post of Lecturer in Political Theory at the University of Essex.

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