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Rupert Price

profile.jpgBA Politics 2012

I chose Warwick because I knew that it offered me an unbeatable opportunity; both the university and the PAIS department have excellent reputations, it is a great place to have fun as student, and it has a flexible undergraduate course that lets all students develop areas of particular interest. I have chosen modules broad enough to cover 400 years of political philosophy, specialised enough to study public service delivery in Western Europe, and even an intensive course in Arabic!

The Union is large enough to cater for any interest; from elite sports teams to casual Sunday leagues on campus, obviously there are hundreds of societies, a surprisingly good range of nightlife, and all the buildings are always literally covered in posters for something interesting. I think it would actually be pretty difficult to avoid participating in any sport or societies!

Every degree at Warwick can prepare the key skills that are sought-after by graduate employers, so a politics degree definitely doesn’t limit you to a job in government. Each year hundreds of the world’s largest and most prestigious companies come to Warwick to find the best students, so you have an exceptional chance of finding something perfect for you. This summer I will be interning at an investment bank.