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Pablo A Rodriguez

Dear Professor Rosamond,

It is with great pleasure that this morning (Chinese time) I got to know from my family back in Spain that my final dissertation work for obtaining the MA in International Relations (2008-2009) has been awarded with a PaIS prize for the highest dissertation score in the programme.

Writting the piece ('A Critical Approach to Terrorism in the People's Republic of China: The case of Xinjiang') allowed me to put into practice all what I learnt from PaIS during an amazing academic year which sadly ended with the recent tragic death in Haiti of my classmate Xiaoming Li. This year I will be working for the Spanish Economic and Trade Office in Guangzhou, where currently I am.

With my journalist background, studying in Warwick has been of great value in order to jump into the academic camp and improve my skills. Seminars -far from other educational systems which generally reserves a 'passive' role for the student - have challenged my points of view, and it has been a real privilege to 'enjoy' the benefits - in the form of books and journals - of The Library.

Although this year I have decided to work in China in order to improve my basic mandarin language skills and the knowledge of this country, I have to admit that the Warwick/PaIS experience has deeply influenced my professional career, and in a short term, I might attempt to pursue a PhD which allows me to deepen my previous work on Xinjiang.

In this sense, this 'little' prize is largely significant and encourages me to keep that research alive. As you are the Head of PaIS, and the signature on the 'diploma', I would like to pass on to you my gratitude for the whole department.

Kind regards,

Pablo A. Rodríguez

Warwick MA in International Relations 08/09


Oficina Económica y Comercial de España en Cantón