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Stuart Shevlin

profile.jpgBA Politics 2014

The opportunities available to students to get involved in politics outside their degree course at Warwick are, in one word, amazing. No matter your political stripe, and no matter what you enjoy, there’ll be something for you.

In terms of societies, both Warwick Labour and Warwick Conservatives are incredibly active with visiting guest speakers, discussions, and social events. Warwick’s Politics Society offers an equally impressive calendar of events and run the GotPolitics? Programme, giving people a really valuable and enjoyable chance to go into first schools and teach the basics of politics.

Outside of the societies, the department puts on a film club, offers information about a whole host of politics related events, and importantly, there are regular trips to the pub. In addition, there are conferences galore on campus, on matters as diverse as environmental protection to China, to the famous Warwick Economics Conference, all with fantastic chances for PAIS students to get involved.

I’ve got to quickly say something about the study abroad opportunities too. I got the incredible chance to study in America for a year through the department, and I can without a doubt say it was the best year of my life and I will be eternally grateful to PAIS for giving me the opportunity to go. I highly encourage everyone to apply for at least one of the study abroad opportunities Warwick offers, be it America, Hong Kong or Erasmus.

If I have to give one bit of advice when you naturally decide to study at Warwick, take every single opportunity you can to get involved in politics outside your course—I promise you won’t regret it.