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Daniel Rocha Silva

silvaMA International Politics and East Asia 2013
Current PhD Candidate

I did my MA in International Politics and East Asia at Warwick, and after working for an NGO in London for a year, I felt that Warwick was the best option to start my PhD. One of the main reasons to return to Warwick for my PhD was my knowledge of the quality of the research being done and the atmosphere among PhD candidates and staff in the department. There is also a lot going on, both in and outside of the department—a number of interesting events and seminars that cater to all interests. Sometimes it can be hard to have to say no and just work on your project!

The PhD programme at Warwick is very well-organised and supportive. In our first year we have a departmental seminar running in the first and second term, which is extremely useful in becoming more comfortable in what a PhD is and what is expected of us both throughout our years as PhD candidates and the end result. Having the chance to speak, discuss and elaborate on our research while in our first year, where we might be a bit lost, is a valuable tool. It also lets us get to know our colleagues a lot better. I had heard of how lonely the whole PhD experience can be, but those fears haven’t materialised.

My experience as a PhD candidate in PAIS has strengthened my conviction that I would like to stay in academia. In this regard, your supervisors are also extremely important. I can say that both in my experience and in those I have spoken with in my first year, their supervisors have been extremely supportive. I feel that I have struck the right balance of pursuing my interests and deviating from my research plan, while getting the sometimes necessary guidance and pushback from my supervisors.

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