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Sarah Soon

profile.jpgBA Politics and Sociology 2011

I chose to do Politics and Sociology because of Warwick’s excellent academic reputation in both fields and my university experience has exceeded all my expectations in every way. The sheer variety of modules offered ensures that everyone can definitely find something they are interested in and want to explore further. The quality of teaching is exceptional and has really challenged me to engage with very current issues at the forefront of research today and to think differently and critically. I particularly enjoy seminars when everyone’s views and thoughts come together and build upon each other to create a very vibrant and dynamic learning environment that stretches you at the same time it supports you.

In addition, student life at Warwick is lively and brings incredible opportunities to try new activities, learn new things and meet fantastic people from all over the world. I joined numerous societies, which allowed me to participate in an eclectic variety of activities ranging from composing songs for a musical to practicing martial arts on the beach. In particular, being part of the organising team for the annual TEDx conference was an extremely rewarding and enriching experience especially when one of our videos was uploaded on to reach an international audience, a significant achievement indeed!

All in all, my experiences at Warwick have opened my eyes, widened my horizons and perfectly positioned me to take advantage of a world of opportunities.