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Eva Steketee

profile.jpgBA Politics with International Studies 2014

Studying Politics with International Studies at Warwick has opened many doors for me in terms of the future, but more importantly has enabled me to enjoy and get the most out of my university experience both academically and socially. Academically, I have found seminar and personal tutors very eager to help and genuinely interested in the progress of their students. The department’s reputation is complemented by teaching excellence and general enthusiasm within the department for the subject.

What I have mainly valued is the opportunity PAIS has given me to discover and pursue my interests. I have been able to take an optional module in history which has been a valuable complement to my core degree. Furthermore, I have very much enjoyed taking Spanish classes outside of my degree. I was surprised by the vast range of invaluable opportunities within the PAIS department to study abroad such as taking part in the Erasmus scheme in Europe.

The opportunities at Warwick to volunteer, campaign, learn languages, take part in Career Skills workshops amongst many other activities, are giving me the skills and enthusiasm to pursue my future career aspirations in international development.

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