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Zenonas Tziarras

profile.jpgCurrent PhD candidate

I’ve chosen PAIS at the University of Warwick for my PhD studies because it is consistently ranked among the best departments for Politics in the country and the world. I was happy to see that my expectations were met as my two supervisors, Dr. Nicola Pratt and Dr. George Christou, debunk every negative stereotype about PhD supervisors by being very supportive, helpful and constructive in their feedback.

During my time here I was given numerous opportunities to participate in departmental, national and international seminars, conferences and roundtable discussions. PAIS funding of my participation in internationally renowned conferences has been instrumental in helping me present my research to international audiences.

As most PhD students know, doctoral research can be a lonely process. Yet I am happy to see that the University of Warwick doesn't lack on the social life front, while the vibrant and productive PAIS research community can keep you busy and creative. Overall, I am certain that a PhD from PAIS, and everything that comes with it, can equip me for entering a highly competitive job market, be it academic or otherwise, and sets the basis for personal development and fulfilment in my field of studies and beyond.

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