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Michael Yip

profile.jpgBA Politics with International Studies 2015

My UCAS form listed neither ‘Warwick’ nor ‘Politics with International Studies’. Now, I’m something of a convert. Studying topical themes, such as ‘International Security’, bring a refreshing real-world focus that I personally enjoy. That, alongside seminars (my favourite part of my timetable) with multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-national students—and their accompanying ideas—are what enliven my study at Warwick. (It’s not all dry theory.)

You can also engage with your academic interests outside of class. For example, I write the odd article and debate. Also, the discussions with ‘China in Focus’ have drawn my attention this year and I’m helping organise the ‘China Summit’. Oddly, the lines between academia and social life can become blurry... although they needn’t be: I’m in a production and play tennis, too.

Academia also blends into career development: workshops, awards and careers events assist me in emphasising the professional skills that one acquires when studying this degree. As well as learning ‘politics stuff’, you also learn—for example—how to communicate and think critically. Look at the annual Graduate Market reports: Warwick students confidently hold their own.

Warwick is a melting pot of societies, work, club nights and exciting people from around the world. Whilst university life is certainly what you make of it, there is much to take advantage of and enjoy. I am equipped for the future, and have—with a little surprise—enjoyed myself far more than I’d expected to.