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Anthie Zachariou

anthie zachariouBA Politics 2011

My life as a Politics student at Warwick University has been interesting, fulfilling and exciting. The department offers a wide range of modules suitable for everyone’s tastes and helped me to narrow my focus to what I really love – American Politics. I have really enjoyed studying politics and have benefitted greatly from the support of my personal tutors, my lecturers and seminar tutors and of course, my peers. Not only has the degree itself enabled me to spend three years doing what I love, expanding my knowledge and awareness, but it has also helped to create the path that I wish to follow.

When I first researched Politics as a degree, I was afraid that my career options would be limited. However, being a student at Warwick University opened many doors for me academically, socially and for the future. I am now looking forward to doing a law conversion course in London next year as a result of examining the choices that I had at careers fairs. I have made great friends at Warwick both through my accommodation from first year and the course. I am a member of the Warwick debating society, the politics society and the opera society and have taken great pleasure in participating in the social scene at Warwick with union events, society events and the events that have gone on in Leamington Spa, where I lived in second and third year.

Overall, I would recommend Warwick University to all prospective politics students, as I am positive that they will not regret the opportunities afforded to them, the degree that they will receive and the friends that they will make.