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Di Zhang

profile.jpgCurrent Double Masters with the University of Konstanz

My index of happiness keeps growing during my time in Warwick, because I'm always able to try something new. Firstly, international politics is a new area for me since my undergraduate study is sociology, so the background doesn't matter too much. The modules I chose give me a brand new view of a series of issues in international relations and political economy. Even the seemingly dull theory training turns out to be fascinating! I feel I've made great progress since I arrived at PAIS, especially in critical thinking through seminars where you can have lively discussions with fellow students and module tutors.

What I enjoy most in PAIS is its friendly academic atmosphere. You can easily get access to tutors and other academic staff during the weekly department-wide seminars. The film club, reading groups, and various spontaneous study groups all contribute to a cheerful learning experience.

Another exciting opportunity PAIS has given to me is to spend my second year in the University of Konstanz. The two Masters degrees complement with each other since I've got rigorous theoretical-analytical training in Warwick and I will develop my practical research skills in Konstanz. My personal tutor is willing to introduce me to a professor in Konstanz so that I may enter her research team. And I quickly found a language partner to learn German. So you will never regret to fully engage your excellent fellow students and tutors. I'm looking forward to studying at Konstanz in Germany, but it also makes me to treasure more the remaining time in Warwick.