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MA in Politics, Big Data and Quantitative Methods

Big data and quantitative methods are transforming political processes and decisions in everyday life. Local, national and international administrations are making "open data" available to wide audiences; giant, world-level web organisations are putting more and more services in synergy and some private companies and governments are developing strongly ideological projects in relation to big data. All o fthese issues involve data in text, image, numeric and video formats on unprecedented scales. This means there is a growing need for trained specialists who will have the capacity to compete and/or collaborate with strictly business or technique-oriented actors on the basis of sound knowledge from political and international studies.

Programme content

In contrast to degrees such as Data Science or Data Analytics, where the focus ends up being almost exclusively on data practices and computational tools, the MA in Politics, Big Data and Quantitative Methods provides you with a knowledge and understanding of the implications of different approaches to issues concerning big data and public policy. Warwick has considerable expertise in quantitative methods, located in our department, along with the department of Sociology, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies (CIM) and the Q-Step Centre.

Given that a noteworthy part of big data is actually social data, this MA programme seeks to attract students from a variety of social science-related disciplines; you do not need a background in statistics to be eligible for the course. Graduates of this degree will be able both to engage technically with data released at a new scale and to keep a critical expertise on their relevance and quality; skills which are increasingly required in the competitive global job market.

All of our MA programmes are worth 180 CATS (credits) in total. As part of this course, you will be required to take three core modules, each worth 20 CATS. You will also choose 60 CATS in optional modules that appeal to you from our extensive offer. If you pass the taught modules, you will proceed to composing a dissertation of 10,000 words (60 CATS). You will also be invited to two intensive training events: the Spring Methods Camp, featuring internationally renowned speakers on a rotating yearly topic, and Specialist Master Classes, 1/2-day bespoke workshops on cutting-edge quantitative methods with leading experts in their field.

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Florian Reiche