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Fee Structure

The fee structure for the Double Masters in Journalism, Politics & International Studies is also unique. You will need to pay tuition fees covering the taught portion of your degree at Warwick and the taught portion of your degree at Monash, but the tuition for the dissertation will be shared between the universities.

The total number of credits you will complete at Warwick is 180 CATS; this works out to 120 taught and 60 dissertation CATS over the one-year course. At Monash, you will complete 72 points; this works out to 48 taught and 24 dissertation points over three semesters. However, you will only pay for half of each dissertation credit amounts, meaning you will pay for 150 CATS at Warwick (83% of the regular one-year fee) and 60 points at Monash (2.5 semesters).

Here is an example of what this could look like, using fees from 2014 for illustration purposes; please note that you must look up the tuition amounts for the year you will attend each university and fee category (Home or Overseas) relevant to you; because the time spent at Monash will cross two academic years, there may be a slight fee increase between terms in Australia:

UK or EU citizen
Term/Semester 1
Term/Semester 2
Dissertation Total
Warwick year (Home fee)
£3,247 (33% of annual fee)
£3,247 (33% of annual fee)
£1,673 (17% of annual fee)
£8,167 (83% of annual fee)
Monash year (Overseas fee)
$13,700 (1 semester fee)
$13,700 (1 semester fee)
$6,850 (50% of one semester fee)
$34,250 (2.5 semester fee)

Information about when you must pay your fees and how to pay by instalments is available on the Warwick and Monash student finance office websites.

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